Four-Wheeler Tours

If you’re looking for an adventurous way to explore the great outdoors in Colorado, our privately guided four-wheeler tour is the perfect activity for you. It is a great way to get off the beaten path and bond with friends and family. Four-wheeling is also just plain fun!

Why You Should Book a Four-Wheeler Tour at Keyah Grande

It’s an adventure for the whole family! There’s something thrilling about riding a four-wheeler and hitting the open road. Four-wheeling is a great adventure that provides you with an adrenaline rush like no other activity can, and it gives you the opportunity to explore off-road trails and terrain that you would never be able to experience otherwise. Plus, it’s a fun way to get out with your loved ones and explore the beautiful scenery of the San Juan Mountain range. When you book a four-wheeling tour, you’ll get to see new sights and parts of nature that aren’t accessible by car.

In addition to providing an adrenaline rush, four-wheeling adventures are a great way to stay active while having fun. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how tired you feel after just a few hours of four-wheeling. You get the benefit of a moderate workout, and it’s a great way to see the sights. There’s nothing quite like being out in nature, surrounded by beautiful scenery in every direction. The views of our ranch in Pagosa Springs will leave you breathless, as you are surrounded by nothing but nature.

What To Expect

You can expect to be guided along and shown the most stunning views of Keyah Grande ranch. You will travel up the mountain ridges and explore parts of the San Juan Mountain ranges you’ve never seen. Everything will be picture-worthy, so be sure to bring your camera! Helmets and ATVs will be supplied.

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